Ten Fashion Questions

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!!!! I am back and in a big way!!!!! Quite a bit has been going on and that has taken me away from communicating with you in this way. All will be revealed little by little as things are beginning to come to fruition. I thought I would come back to the blogosphere with a post that I love doing.  This post is all about your Ten Fashion Questions.  Let’s get started.

1- What ten items should I buy for my wardrobe?

Every man’s wardrobe should have these 10 versatile items, because they can work for every occasion, like job interviews, date nights, parties, pub crawls, church, etc. The main focus of ALL of these are fit.  In order for all of these pieces to look good, you need to make sure you have the right fit for your body type. You have to know what your body type is (slim or skinny, athletic, husky, tall, short, etc.). The best way to determine that is through your height and weight (there are also additional measurements to be more exact, but if you know just your basics, you can work around everything else). No matter what, these are your basic pieces and they can be found in EVERY SIZE, so there’s no excuse to not get or have them:

1- White dress shirt

2- Black or navy 3 piece suit

3- Black, navy, or brown dress shoes

4- Black or navy v-neck sweater

5- Dark denim jeans

6- Light denim or white jeans

7- Black, navy or brown casual shoes

8- White or black trainers/sneakers (more fashion, less athletic)

9- Black or navy roll neck/turtleneck

10-White v-neck or crew neck t-shirts

With these basic pieces, you can achieve smart, casual looks as well as amazing dressy looks. You will also need proper accessories with these pieces (black leather dress belt, brown leather casual belt, cuff links (if you purchased French cuffed shirts), black, blue or red ties (bow or neck), fun socks, white socks, black dress socks, and proper underwear). One of the main things that you will need to all of these things work is confidence. If you don’t feel good in the clothes, it will show and it won’t look good, so make sure EVERYTHING FITS!!!!!!!


2- Do you think MarcoMarco  (underwear designer based in California) actually tries to create “new fashion” or is just lost with his kilograms/meters/bolts of black and fluro jerseys?

I don’t think he’s trying to create “new fashion”. He’s just offering another option of fun, colorful pieces. He knows his market, so he is catering to them. Andrew Christian does the same exact thing. He’s not reinventing the wheel.


3- Why do high end designers design clothing that most rich people won’t even wear?

When designers create a collection that will be shown on the runways, everything that is done is about moving the brand forward. A runway show is just that, a show, so there are pieces that are made specifically for that. Those pieces will be the pieces that dictate the direction or mood of the collection. Those are the pieces that showcase the trend or trends that the designer wants to set for the season, get the fashion editors crazy with getting it in their magazines, the bloggers to get it on their blogs and the pieces that drive the name of the brand forward. The show pieces are the pieces that you see that make you want to look into the brand because of the artistry. These pieces are featured in the magazines, along with some of the bread and butter pieces to create the fantasy of that girl or that guy in some beautiful location. Those pieces are also bought and worn by many rich people, many for special events, etc. The rest of the pieces are the bread and butter pieces, the pieces that you will see in the stores and the pieces that will put the trend forward.


4- What is in for this winter?

Fall/Winter is a fun time for fashion, because it’s all about layers. Your tried and true sweaters of every type exist (from acrylic to cashmere) and there is always a statement ankle boot, to go with your long wool coat (camel or any other color, mostly red and pink). This season, it’s all about pops of color and volume volume volume. Long cashmere scarves that are extra comfy, sweaters that are extra soft, faux fur and Montcler ski wear.


5- Are neckties doomed to oblivion? What type of ties are best for business beside the classic style?

Neckties will never go out of style. Because there are so many different kinds of knots, you can always showcase a bit of your personality within the staid business of a suit. The types of ties that are best for business all depends on what kind of job you do and how much fun you like to have when dressing up. If you work in finance or insurance, black, blue, green, stripes, checks, or paisley work quite well. If you work in art, music, fashion, any color works as long as it goes with what you’re wearing. I once had a job in the financial district in New York and I always used to provide a bit of my personality in my ties. Although, at that time it was quite strict about our looks, I always managed to put a little of me in there and push the boundaries. It didn’t always go over well, and when I explained why I did that with my ties (he was an old finance guy), he basically dismissed it and said to me that if I want to show off my personality, then I should get a job in the fashion industry, so I quit and got a job as a messenger in the Conde Nast building (where ALL of the fashion magazines were published and had offices there). Nowadays, most guys don’t wear ties anymore, but they always have a special place to smarten up any look and to showcase a bit of your colorful personality.


6- Why is it so hard for a bias cut dress to come out well?

Bias cut dresses are a wonder of their own, and they’re the dresses that you only have one chance to get right. Bias cut dresses are dresses that are created when the fabric is cut at a diagonal instead of straight, which takes more fabric and very little sewing. Greta Garbo wore a lot of these kinds of dresses in her films, because they showcase a woman’s curves, allow the movement of a woman’s body, showcase the line of her posture. and they look very seductive without anything hanging out or looking vulgar. These are the dresses with the least amount of construction, yet they give the maximum amount of impact when one is done right.  You can see everything without seeing everything. You can get these dresses wrong if you don’t understand a woman’s shape, or if you use the wrong kind of fabric (silk is the best fabric to use for bias cut dresses).


7- How old is too old for skinny jeans?

It’s all about body type, when it comes to skinny jeans. If you are a tall, skinny or slim guy, then they will always work in your favor. When guys are in their teens and 20’s, they live in their skinny jeans, because they still have the small bodies to carry them off. When you get to your late 20’s-early 30’s, your body starts to change, so you may have to go up a size in them to cover your expanding waistline/thigh/calf. If you’re athletic, you can do them as long as you keep your waistline/thigh/calf the same. If you are of a huskier size, then it would depend on the cut at the waist. Most skinny jeans are lower in the waist, so you may need to find a slightly higher waist with tapering at the ends. Best way to tell if a jean works well on your shape, crouch down and  reach your hand behind you. If you can feel the crack of your ass, the waist is too low. If you feel the denim pulling in your legs, the jeans are too tight. Also in a standing position, look at how they look in the mirror. Do they showcase what you’re trying to hide (waist is too low, so it may show off a belly, etc.)?  Most skinny jeans are made with stretch denim, so they can work for all body types, just make sure you get the right waist type. You can wear skinny jeans at any age, but you have to be clear of your body type. A Dad body type can’t wear the same jeans his son wears.


8- What is your opinion on summer styles designed for winter? Fleece long shorts and compression socks with boots, for example.

In my opinion, the idea of those pieces are to make the transition from the warm season to the cold season, even though most of those kinds of pieces were originally made for things like mountain climbing and snowboarding. Doing them in an urban setting is pretty cool, though, especially because they’re doing them in crazy summer colors.


9- What do you think about the effects of the ‘see now – buy now’ development? Will it benefit the industry or just further cheapen it? And what do you think that will mean for the journalism side and the buyers?

The “see now- buy now” phenomenon is great for the consumer, because the items are available right after the show online, or in selected stores (Selfridge’s had some of the pieces from the SS17 collection from Moschino available right after the show). However, it means that the brand will have to keep up with the creativity to keep up with the demand and they would have to think even further ahead to stay on the pulse. If they do certain pieces as exclusives (like with Selfridge’s), it wouldn’t be so bad, because when the full line drops in the store, people will have already lived with the trend/concept for a bit and they are more likely to snatch up all of the pieces, showing some sense of brand loyalty. As for the buyers, it bodes well for them, because their purchases will get people in the stores to get it or at least try it on, and it bodes well for the fashion journalists/bloggers, because they can cover the brand and items in the articles/blog posts,  especially at a time when things can be dead in retail as well as in fashion, which will get everybody talking before the season drops. The only issue I have with this is that it cheapens the idea of getting a luxury item. If everybody has it, what’s the luxury?


10- How do you make a chronic alcoholic look like he hasn’t just crawled out of the ground?

A great shower, a few glasses of water, an awesome blow dry, the right concealer and foundation and some light contouring and a little bronzer and you can look like you just got in from a holiday in Ibiza.


Thank you so much for your questions!!!! Keep them coming and I will answer them in my next post!!!!


Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!!