Ten Fashion Questions

Time to answer ten fashion questions from my followers. This is quite a fun post because I get all kinds of crazy questions from my crazy friends and I stop at nothing to get the answers. Doing this post with all of you keeps me in stitches every time!!!! Let’s get started!!!

1- Why is Kanye West\Kim Kardashian on the cover of the April issue of American Vogue?

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian on the cover of April 2014 Vogue

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian on the cover of April 2014 Vogue

Good question!!! Given that these two are quite the hot topic because of their upcoming wedding and a chance to get a glimpse at North West, as well as Vogue being a magazine that is looked at all over the world, this would be the perfect time to drop KimYe and all their glory onto the world as well as sell some magazines to those who wouldn’t normally buy Vogue (the rap fans of Kanye and the reality tv fans of Kim) and still retain their hold on the fashion world and part of pop culture. Many people in the fashion world will scoff at this, but they will buy it. Everything else in the magazine has to be better than that article. I just hope the pictures inside are better than the test shot for the wedding photo on the cover.

2- Is Steampunk the new Avant Garde?

Steampunk fashion

Steampunk fashion

Steampunk has been around for quite a while, so personally I don’t think so. It is pretty edgy and quite wearable. It can be considered slightly avant garde, because of the crazy things that are made but it’s not the new avant garde.

3- What will Anna Wintour wear when she’s homeless?

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour

Probably a few Chanel shopping bags and Chanel flip flops.

4- What are the upcoming summer trends for menswear?

Usually summer fashion is all about comfort, color, and casual and this will be the trend for menswear for summer. Great jeans, great sneakers and an array of shirts that cover the color spectrum for every occassion. Tailored shorts or denim cutoffs are fine as long as you’re rocking some amazing footwear. This is the time to have fun so raise some hell. It’s also a great time to reinvent yourself and test out certain looks before you head into fall with them. The looks I will show are from the Tom Ford Spring\Summer 2014.  You will see a lot of color, amazing tailoring and totally fun pieces.

Tom Ford Spring\Summer 2014

Tom Ford Spring\Summer 2014

TomFordSpringSummer2014 TomFordSpringSummer2014-3 TomFordSpringSummer2014-5

5- Why do I have no fashion sense?

I think everyone has fashion sense. It’s just a matter of trying to get the things that you like to make sense in your wardrobe. You have to trust yourself and be willing to own your look no matter what. I can help you with developing your fashion sense, if you like.

6-Leather, rubber or both?

Personally speaking, I would wear leather and rubber, but not together.

7- Who do you think is the greatest fashion designer of all time is?

Coco Chanel is the greatest fashion designer of all time. Coco freed women of corsets and loosened the silhouettes, making the choices expand for them. She also is great for being her own woman. She may have made some bad choices at times, like anyone else, but she owns her choices and takes what comes from them.

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel

8-How long does it take for fashion to go from catwalk to the stores?

Six months. Everything that was shown at this past Fashion Week is for Autumn\Winter 2014, so these will be in the stores right around the end of August\early September. There will be changes to some of the pieces because some were heightened for dramatic effect on the runway, but the majority of the pieces will be shop floor ready.

9-Can I name all of the supermodels in George Michael’s “Freedom 90” and “Too Funky” videos in order of appearance? Also who is my favorite supermodel EVER?

Yeah, I can. Let’s see if I remember correctly. Here goes:

Freedom 90 (in order of appearance)
Linda Evangelista (my favorite supermodel EVER)
John Pearson
Naomi Campbell (loved her dancing with the headphones)
Christy Turlington (loved the walk with the sheet)
Peter Formby
Cindy Crawford (she rocked the bathtub)
Tatjana Patitz

Too Funky (in order of appearance)
Nadja Auermann (removes the top to reveal her cleavage)
Linda Evangelista (she tore the dress doing her walk)
Nadja Auermann (love the lace dress)
Emma Sjoberg
Julie Newmar (served up the catsuit)
Shana Zadrick (loved the Metropolis bra and panty she wore)
Estelle Hallyday
Tyra Banks (always loved her strut)
Emma Balfour

Let me know which ones I got wrong. I did this from memory.

10- Celebrities on catwalks- Does it pay?

Yes. It’s big press for the designer and the celebrity. It especially pays if the celebrity has done the editorial campaign ( i.e. Nicole Kidman in Jimmy Choo shoes).  Things like this can draw attention to the designer and with the celebrity culture we live in, this can increase the bottom line, but if you’re not a designer swimming in cash, you better hope that the celebrities notice how fabulous your work is, so they can lend their prescence to help you out. I would love to have Nicole Kidman, or any celebrity to wear my clothes, especially in a campaign!!!!

Nicole Kidman in Jimmy Choo

Nicole Kidman in Jimmy Choo

NicoleKidmanJimmyChoo NicoleKidmanJimmyChoo2 NicoleKidmanJimmyChoo4

Well, I got through my ten questions!!! Check it out and let me know what you think. I’m always ready for more questions!!!!

Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!!


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