The Grammy Awards

Last night was considered the biggest night in music.  The Grammy Awards is one of the biggest music events in the awards season calendar, like the Oscars are to movies.  It’s the one night where it’s packed with great music, awesome performances and wild fashion. Musicians are known to be quite edgy, and eccentric with their fashion choices, so this was a lot of fun for me.  As always, I will talk about the ones I liked, the ones I’m on the fence about and the ones I hated.  I will include the designer of the look, if I have it available, but if not, I will include them later. Let’s get started!!!!


The first look that I loved is Madonna in Ralph Lauren.  I’m quite surprised that I like this look on her because this is quite tame compared to what I’m used to seeing her in.  Awesome that her son wore the same exact look.  Loved the fit and the cut of this tuxedo!!! Madonna is known for her reinvention, so I’m sure this is a version of it.



Next up is P!nk in Johanna Johnson.  This woman can do no wrong in my eyes!!!! Most gay men worship at the altar of Madonna.  Pink is the one I worship!!!!! LOVE HER!!!!! This is a gorgeous color and fit on her and it has the right combination of being edgy and quite feminine.


Another look I loved a lot is Alicia Keys in Armani Prive’. Gorgeous color on her (yes, I have a fondness for royal blue)!!!!! Love how this look shows off her curves!!!!!  Alicia is usually a hit or miss on the red carpet, but she is hitting this out of the park!!! Amazing look!!!!!!



LOVE LOVE LOVE this look on Natasha Bedingfield by Christian Sirriano.  Many will remember him as the winner of “Project Runway-Season 4”. Natasha is an amazing songwriter, just like her brother, Daniel.  Love this color on her and the fit is perfect on her!!!!! Killer look!!!! I can’t see the back, but I hope the back is out because that would make it perfect!!!!



I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of Colbie Callot in Ezra Couture!!! Gorgeous fit and color!!! NAILED IT!!!! It has the right punch to give her the look of a femme fatale!!!! She’s also working out one of my signatures (asymetric or slashed bodice).  Versace does this as well!!! Love this on her!!!!



Now, here are some looks that I’m on the fence about.  I may like the dress, but the styling may have been all wrong.  First one up is Beyonce in Michael Costello.  Michael Costello is also a previous “Project Runway” and “Project Runway- All Stars” contestant. Love the gown, although many weren’t fans of it.  I wasn’t a fan of the wet look lace front that she’s wearing.  Don’t get me wrong, Beyonce is beautiful, but to me her look wasn’t as polished as she usually is.  She looked like she was caught cleaning the house and forgot that she was supposed to go to the Grammy’s. Loved the gown, hated the styling.



Next up is Lorde in Balenciaga.  Love the gown!!!! Now, I get that she is not a fashion person, and that she is 17, but this look had me screaming at the top of my lungs!!! Her styling and posture aged her so much!!! She looked like a 40 year old hippie trying to be glamorous.  Beautiful and talented young lady, but she looks so old in this.



Another look I’m on the fence about is Amber Rose in Naeem Khan.  Love the color and the fit of this gown!! It shows off her curves quite well, but it’s so close to her skin tone.  She looks completely washed out and invisible.  Her make up also doesn’t help because you can’t really see her striking features.



Okay, now these are the ones I didn’t like. I may get a little brutal here.  First up is Kasey Musgraves in Armani Prive’.  Love Armani Prive’!!! Love Kasey Musgraves!!! Hate the look!!! She looks like an 8 year old at her first communion.  I’m expecting to see a veil.  I’m not getting this grown-women-dressing-like-children trend at all.



The last look that I will go in on is someone I respect musically. This is Pharrell Williams. I love his style, taste and fashion sense and he can usually do no wrong in what he wears anywhere, but I’m completely baffled by this look.  I cannot comprehend how he made it a point to show up ANYWHERE like this!!!! I’m fine wirh the jeans, tshirt, and Adidas jacket, but the hat??? REALLY????? I would have given you a pass if you didn’t rock this hat with what you were wearing.  It looked like you were going to two different events and neither of them were in the same place.



Well, this was my take on the looks from last night’s Grammy Awards.  Some you may agree with, some you may not.  Let me know what you think!!!

Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!


2 thoughts on “The Grammy Awards

  1. As usual you had me laughing through out this and I felt like we were chatting about this over crumpets and tea! Ok the outfits, I didnt particularly like any of them- there I said it! I did like Madonna for covering up stylishly though! But I thought Pink looked cheap, Beyonce wore a curtain, Alicias front was too open etc etc.
    I stopped watching the Grammys yrs ago, but this time around I did see B’s performance- again, hugely disappointing. It made me think over to about a decade ago when she did the Crazy in Love with J: you could see her fighting to earn ours and the industrys respect and it was amazn to watch!


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