Velsvoir Menswear Show

Last night I had the pleasure of checking out the Velsvoir Menswear Fashion Show  at the Cafe Royal Hotel.  This was an AMAZING show in an AMAZING location.  The Cafe Royal Hotel is the perfect place for a luxurious menswear show.  Bowties, pocket squares and lapel braces (totally my favorite) in every color and style.  Clothes may make the man, but his accessories tell you who he is!!!!


Velsvoir is the story of 3 brothers (Zac, Zubair, and Talha), who redesigned the bowtie and made it fun, hip and cool for today.  This is the brand that will bring out the dandy in every man and every woman!!!!


The brand was launched in 2012 with one tweet and in the space of a few weeks became a dual prescence in Dubai and London.  Moderately priced (between 60-130 pounds), these are items that can be a hell of a lot of fun for anyone that owns them.  Here are a few shots of my favorite pieces:


Here are also some shots from the show:


And here are a couple of shots of me that I took in the bathroom, which is quite gorgeous, by the way… 😉


Check out these guys’ work and pick up a few pieces:



Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!!


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