How To Enjoy The Holidays When You’re Away From The Family

Christmas is one of those holidays that is all about family, be it biological (mother, father, sister, brother, etc.), or the ones you create (boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, friends, etc.) where you get to see all of the blessings and are thankful for the support system that shapes who you are.  They can be a handful, but you wouldn’t have them any other way.

This will be my first Christmas in London.  I usually am in Finland, Berlin, or New York for the holidays and as much as I love it here in London (I’ve been wanting to live here since I was 14!!!), I will miss being with my family in New York.

I’m no expert in how to enjoy Christmas when you’re away from your family, but there is always a way to let that holiday spirit come through, without the “Drunk Uncle” upsetting the dynamic.  Here are a few suggestions:

1- Get on Skype with the family.


Living in another continent can be quite tough during the holidays.  You’re used to your family craziness with your young cousins, nieces and nephews running around the house with their new noise makers, your teenage cousins, nieces and nephews sulking about attached to headphones, cellphones, computer games and rolling eyes and all of the adults eating, drinking and being merry until someone says the wrong thing and the arguments happen (insert “Drunk Uncle” here).  You can still get a piece of that by getting on Skype with the family.  All you need is a really good internet connection, the computer and a headset. Put in the numbers and start calling.  I usually find out from my mom where the whole family is going to be (usually at my grandmother’s house), so I call there and they pass the phone around.  I get to talk to them and hear all of the craziness in the background.  It would feel like I never left.  Just make sure you know the time zone before call. The last thing you need is a pissed off relative awakened from slumber.

2- Invite a few friends that are also away from their families over for a potluck dinner.


We all have a favorite dish that we love to eat for the holidays, so why don’t we invite other friends that are away from their families to create a dish that they love to eat during the holidays and have them bring it to your place.  You will be brought further into their world and they in yours.  With bottles of wine, food and laughter, it will be just like being at home with your family.

3- If friends are away, be your own celebration.


Decorate the house with tons of Christmas stuff and enjoy your space.  Watch a marathon of cheesy Christmas movies, play Christmas music and reflect on the joy within one’s self.

4- Catch up on television that you’ve missed.


Christmas is the perfect time to binge watch all the shows you missed throughout the year.  I will be binge watching this season of “Scandal”, “2 Broke Girls”, “The Face”, “The Big Bang Theory”, and “How I Met Your Mother”.

5- Put on your best party frocks and hit the dance floor.


After spending all day at home cooking, eating, skyping family and friends, you sometimes need a release.  Hitting a dance floor is the perfect way to shake off all the holiday food with a bunch of other strangers that can soon become friends and even family.  Night clubs always have something going on with top DJ’s and some pretty cool performers.

6-Volunteer at a shelter, hospital, or a home for the elderly.


Christmas can be tough when you’re sick and even tougher when you’re homeless.  These people need a friendly face to get them through the time, so be that face!!! Help serve them food.  Donate your old clothes.  Bring toys to the children in the hospital.Hang out with the elderly that have no family left.  Listen to the elderly and the homeless, because they always need someone there to hear them and understand them and get them through this very tough period.

Those are just a few of my suggestions.  Let me know what you think!!!! Have a blast and Merry Christmas!!!!!

Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!!


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