The Damien Hirst/Alexander McQueen Collaboration

Just a week ago, I read about the collaboration between one of my favorite designer labels, Alexander McQueen and the most controversial contemporary artist, Damien Hirst.  It was for a line of scarves.  The inspiration for the scarves came from his exhibition at the Tate Modern called “In The Name of Love”.  In that exhibit, he had all sorts of butterflies (9000 in total ; some of them are endangered), flying around in an enclosed space, until they died.  The many different butterflies, now became collages for the scarves.  All of them (30 in total!!!) are absolutely GORGEOUS, however I’m slightly put off by the price.  All of them range from $515 – $1175 dollars.  The butterfly collages are combined with the iconic Alexander McQueen skull, which as always look amazing and each scarf is like an artwork in itself.

I’m not sure if the scarves are limited edition (this may justify the price to a degree), or if they are made of a rare silk (which can also justify the price), but I also am not liking the idea that greed may be at play here (in the case of Mr. Hirst).  After all, he got over 120 million dollars for a diamond encrusted skull…..

Check out some of the scarves and the promo film (I absolutely LOVE the film and the scarves) and let me know what you think!!!!!

DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen2 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen3 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen4 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen5 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen6 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen7 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen8 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen9 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen10 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen11 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen12 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen13 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen14 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen15 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen16 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen17 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen18 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen19 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen20 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen21 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen22 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen23 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen24 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen25 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen26 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen27 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen28 DamienHirstAlexanderMcQueen29

Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!!


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