Ten Fashion Questions

This is a post that I put up on my Facebook page:

Alright, y’all!!! I’m putting it to you!!! Give me your fashion questions!!!! I will choose ten and answer them in my blog!!!!! No question is too dumb or complicated.  Let’s go!!!!

Let’s just say that when I put that post up, I was having a little difficulty figuring out what I was gonna write in my post, but then it hit me to do something that I have tried out once before and that I wanted to start to introduce into my regular blog posts, so I pulled it up and let the questions come. Some were quite serious and some were quite funny.  Either way, this was a lot of fun.  It also shows that I have some crazy ass friends!!! Keep your questions coming and I’ll answer them in another post.  Let’s get started.

1- Am I too old for the runway (almost 32)?

No, you’re not.  There are quite a few models that are still stomping it out on the runways.  Naomi Campbell is 43, Christy Turlington is 44, Claudia Schiffer is 43, Tony Ward is 50, Alex Lundqvist is 41, Mark Vanderloo is 45, Tyson Beckford is 42,  and the one model that tops them all in print and on the runway is Carmen Dell’Orefice and she is 82!!!!!  As long as you take care of yourself and enjoy what you do, you can work until they bury you!!!!

Age 43

Age 43

Age 42

Age 42

Age 82 and STILL serving the glamour!!!!

Age 82 and STILL serving the glamour!!!!

Age 44Age 44

Age 43

Age 43

Age 45

Age 45

Age 41

Age 41

Age 50

Age 50

2- How does someone remain fashionable even though they are struggling to make ends meet?

Most people these days do not have a lot of money to spend on clothes, because rent, bills and other expenses have to be paid, but that is no excuse to not keep your look together.  The best way is to keep everything looking well.  There are many stores (H&M, Primark, Old Navy, etc) that have some classic and trendy things that don’t kill your pocket.  The object in this case is to keep it basic and build around that (i.e. If you own black pants, make sure you have enough shirts to rotate with your pants).  As more money comes in, add a new piece just make sure that works with what you have.

3-Vests for casual wear- In or out?

In, because they add an extra touch to a great shirt.  Always go for a grey, navy or black vest. They dress up a look quite nicely without the aid of a jacket.

4- Shoulder pads- In or out?

A slight shoulder pad is cool, you know something to add more form in the arm and shoulder is good, but “Dynasty” shoulder pads, and American football player type of shoulder pads are OUT!!!!

5- Is black the new orange and is orange the new teal?

Black, orange and teal are quite the fall colors, although teal is usually known as a spring color, but it does translate for fall.  However, the main colors for this season are pinks, blues (royal blue mostly) with some orange and red.  Black is a mainstay, but there isn’t much black this season.

6- Can you make a panda costume, but in something soft and stain resistant, with easy access and a matching jock?

Sure, it can be done and I’m sure I can do it in a washed, stain resistant khaki or chino, but you wouldn’t look like a panda.

7- What designer has been the most successful in stretching the boundaries of what men actually wear?

In my opinion it’s Hedi Simane.  He has managed to get every man into a slim cut or skinny suit (Topman totally OWNS this trend) and a skinny jean. Now, pretty much every store from H&M, Primark, American Apparel, Zara, etc has a skinny jean in every color and style. You can also find a slim or skinny cut suit in every color and style.

Hedi Slimane- Yves Saint Laurent Creative Director

Hedi Slimane-
Yves Saint Laurent Creative Director

8- Are there revolutionary new fabrics that will influence our future fashion trends?

At the moment there is a lot of work going into creating bio-degradable products and more eco-friendly materials (non chemically dyed fabrics), but at this time neoprene is making it’s way onto the runways.  Neoprene is not just for wet suits anymore.

9- Since most designers tend to favor the thin models when they’re walking down the runway, will there ever be a time when designers will allow women and men of all shapes to walk the runways?

There are some designers that are bucking that trend.  Tom Ford did it when he launched his womens wear line a few years ago, having Lauren Hutton, Beyonce, and Julianne Moore walk for him.  His reason: He creates clothes for real women and he sold it as such.  It sold through the roof!!! Jean Paul Gaultier has done it as well, having plus size and even heavy set women in a couple of his shows.   Even though these are two examples, it’s a combination of the designer’s fault and the agencies’ fault.  In the case of the designers’, they choose to make their samples so small that they only fit a 12 year old with no boobs and they get the agencies to send them 70 versions of the same girl.  Yes, some clothes look better on a smaller frame, but the people who have the money to buy them have boobs, hips, and ass.  As for the agencies, they will only do what the designers ask them to do. They won’t suggest other options (like models of color). Also there are the conglomerates that own some of these designer labels, saying that they only want a certain type of woman to front their campaigns. Either way, it was never like this before, especially when all before you saw women of color and with curves turning out the runways.

10- What’s Gloria Vanderbilt up to these days?

She’s continuing to be Anderson Cooper’s mother.

Well, first batch of questions answered. AWESOME!!!!  Enjoy it and let me know what you think???

Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Ten Fashion Questions

  1. Great answers luv, and to throw in my 2 cents, a bit of Balmain Shoulder will never look out of place. And money and style dont go hand in hand, in fact in my opinion being strapped for cash is what forces many out there to think outside the box and pull unique fab pieces together!!


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