The Shoreditch Fashion Show

Saturday night, I had the pleasure of attending one of my first fashion events since moving to London.  I attended the Shoreditch Fashion Show at the most AMAZING space called “The Oval Space”. Image This is TOTALLY the kind of event that I love!!!! Live bands, awesome art, great dj’s, fashionable people and some killer fashion!!!! I totally had a blast!!!! Let’s get started!!! I’m a sucker for live music and once I got there, I knew it was gonna be a great night. Rufio Summers (love the name) is an AMAZING artist!!! His voice is just fuckin’ awesome!!!!!  I was in love with every single note that he sang.  I’m determined to find anything that he has done on CD and also become a total groupie!!!!  Thank God I have Soundcloud, because everything is there!!!! Image Vince Kidd rocked my world!!! Serving up a bad ass look and tons of confidence, I was sold on him from the first note!!!! His version of “Time Of Your Life” by Green Day was KILLER!!!! Another song of his was filthy one, that I forgot the name of, but I TOTALLY want it!!!!  He reached the final of “The Voice UK” as part of Jessie J’s team (I worship the ground she walks on) and now he has a deal with Island Records!!! YOU GO BOY!!!! Image ImageImageImageImageImage Kill It Kid also rocked my world!!!! They played the music and the models hit the runway. Totally rock and roll, with an arty Florence and The Machine vibe.  Love their style and their sound and it offset the clothes beautifully!!!!! Image ImageImageImageImage Lydia Baylis also did her set with the models on the runway.  Serving up some Lana Del Rey-ish sounds with her own twist, gave the clothes an interesting avant garde vibe that just works my nerves in an amazing, artistic way!!!! Gotta get her music as well!!!! Image ImageImageImageImage   Image Now this is gonna be all about the fashion designers.  These are the names you need to look out for and snatch up a piece or three.  The first designers that turned it out were Christina Tirian and Victoria Rowley.  Victoria creates these over the top prints and Christina is an amazing womenswear designer with touches of darkness which this combination is KILLER!!!!  I need to get one or two of their flowing prairie gowns with the phallic prints. I also will need to get some killer shoes to go with them!!!! Christina, Victoria, I need two of your gowns in an American size 8 please!!!! 146 091 093 095 096 098 Another designer with some amazing pieces was Marcelo Yarussi.  I’m a sucker for some avant garde fashion and Marcelo brought it to me in spades!!!!!  His avant garde label, Bastardo BA has some amazing pieces and a few I would wear myself!!! Again, American size 8.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any great shots of his pieces, but check his Facebook page.


Nicholas Wirth’s work is also quite amazing.  I loved the mix of soft and hard, outer turmoil, inner turmoil, with a touch of glamour!!!!


099 100 101

The design work of Isabell Yalda Hellysaz is simply BONKERS AMAZEBALLS!!!! Yes, I said it!!!! BONKERS AMAZEBALLS!!!!  She designed the glasses that Lady Gaga wears in one of her press pics for her new album and I TOTALLY NEED about two or three pairs of these to serve up on the streets of London!!!! A lot of the shapes are very masculine with some avant garde feminine touches which sent me into overdrive.  I’ll need a few of these as well in an American size 8.



120 121 122 123 124 125

Maria Zhminko cut me up with the sharp shapes of her pieces.  Very black, very sharp and very strong, these were made for a futuristic femme fatale.  Totally sci-fi and cool as hell!!!!

117 118 119 147

Rebecca Morter and Gemma Vanson’s pieces really catch your attention because of the use of covering and revealing.  These are pieces that are for a girl who is bold, confident, powerful and has a killer walk to make the men and women all pause as you walk into the room.

102 104 148

All in all, it was a fun night of art, music, fashion, socializing and dancing.  I had a blast and I met some great people that I totally need to see more of!!!!  I gotta thank a few people, because without them this post wouldn’t have been possible:

Biki John, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! You are the most BONKERS AMAZEBALLS fashionista I know!!!! Thank you so much for introducing me one of your closest friends and someone that I would call a friend also.  Anything you need from me, I will do gladly!!!!  I owe everything to you, love!!!!

Natasha Antoinette, my Divalicious photographer and Biki’s bezzy mate, thank you, thank you, thank you thank you for bringing this little black guy from Brooklyn NY into your world and also inviting me to this AWESOME event!!!! I managed to see so many things and laugh even harder than ever being around you!!!! As well, anything you need, you got it!!!!

The BONKERS AMAZEBALLS crew that I’ve met from the Vivid Fashion Group, especially all of the makeup artists that laughed, screamed and danced with me!!! All of you have made my first event the most enjoyable experience and my first two weeks in London the top!!!! Meeting all of you in your element was fuckin’ awesome!!!! You have all made this New York City Boy feel at home!!!! Thank you all so much!!!! Let’s raise some more hell next time!!!!!

073 074 075 076

Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!!


One thought on “The Shoreditch Fashion Show

  1. Eric my love, I am so happy you had a good time. I love the fact that I could bring you into my London world, and you got on so well with one of my oldest and dearest mates. It really was a great thing to see! Keep up your great attitude (and ass, ha!) and this is only the beginning my friend!


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