Introducing The New Blog

Now that I’ve made my move to London, and I’m getting settled in, I thought I would take this time to introduce myself again to all of you.

I am a fashion/costume designer/blogger from Brooklyn NY.  I got bitten by the fashion bug in high school (Freshman Year 1984) and was determined to study fashion, along with musical theatre.  Alas, after having my share of auditions and performing, I decided to pursue fashion full time.


I worked in fashion retail in pretty much every capacity for over 20 years now (gosh, that’s a long time!!), from sales to visual merchandising, but of course I was the frustrated designer who wasn’t, or rather didn’t have time to design anything, yet I got an education to do just that. I was slowly turning bitter and then the economy went bust in the States.


It was a shock to everyone, but being unhappy with not being a designer, it didn’t really bother me.  It didn’t bother me until I lost my job at a very high end retail store, because suddenly no one was shopping.  At that point I had to make a decision, do I get back on the treadmill of looking for another job, maybe even having to sell my skills at a lower pay rate, just to have something or do I take my chances and focus on being a designer, like I wanted.  I threw caution to the wind and packed up and moved to Europe to get it started.


Berlin was the first place to go for me.  I couldn’t afford London at the time and Berlin was cheaper, and it was the perfect place for me to hone and perfect my skills. Tried to work in Berlin, but it wasn’t easy. Not many people could pay, or they expected me to do it for free, but I did manage to do some costume work in Finland.  The costume work was fun.  I created costumes for a show built around Elton John songs.  Totally my favorite costume job so far (it was also my first).


London was always in the sights and now, five years later and over 25 years since I’ve spoke it into existence, I am living in London, pressing forward into being the fashion/costume designer/blogger that I want to be.  Welcome to my world!!!! Come in and enjoy it!!!


Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!!Image


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